The MOB4APP project aims at strengthening the role of VET professionals (VET centres, Trainers, public authorities, employment offices, mentors, tutors, coaches, etc.) as a link between apprentices and companies (in particular SMEs) in order to implement long term mobility experiences in Europe for apprentices. This result will be achieved developing a training path and materials to promote, guide, assist, facilitate and assess effective cross-borders mobility for apprentices.

Training Programme for VET Professionals

The Training programme consists of training modules for a 32-hours training course. The modules will cover all the aspects related to the mobility for apprentices abroad. The main aim of this Output is to provide knowledge, skills and competences necessary to support, manage and assess effective experiences abroad for apprentices.

Toolkit for apprentices and SMEs

The toolkit will provide resources and tools for awareness raising and managing the mobility experiences addressed to apprentices and sending/ hosting companies.


An online training course for VET professionals on cross-country mobility for apprentices. The training course will be created to be delivered as a MOOC through the online platform. The MOOC will be optimized for mobile devices and can be used online or in blended learning environments.

Mob4App ambassador kit

The Ambassador KIT can be used by VET professionals to promote and give practical information to companies and apprentices in order to support them in applying and managing long-term mobility abroad.

Mob4app self-assessment tool

The Mob4App Self-Assessment Tool is a free online self-reflection tool to help organisations assess their level of readiness for designing and implementing long-term mobility for apprentices.