Co.Meta S.r.l. is an Italian VET organisation Certified in the Marche Region specialised in the implementation of innovative training methodologies and in the recognition of the competences acquired through formal and non-formal learning. Co.Meta aims at providing significant training paths in order to increase beneficiaries’ career prospects and developing innovation in companies. Co.meta delivers training paths for VET learners and companies supporting the acquisition of high level skills and competences. The company is actually involved in several EU projects both as a partner and coordinator.


Silvia Marsili



Marco Iacuitto



The Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit association under Belgian law founded in 1950 to foster contacts between Belgium and Italy. The Chamber is recognized by the Italian Government and it is part of the Assocamerestero, the Italian Chambers of Commerce Association abroad, composed by 78 Chambers worldwide. The Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce is the point of reference par excellence for any company willing to promote its own business and widen its network in Italy and in Belgium. The Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce is the partner responsible for the dissemination strategy of the eLead project.

Unione Sindacale Regionale Cisl Marche

CISL MARCHE is the regional level of CISL NAZIONALE and currently counts with over 162.000 members. CISL NAZIONALE is the second largest Confederation of Trade Unions in Italy (over 4 millions members in 2019) and is composed vertically by 19 major national sector Federations and, horizontally, by 21 regional trade unions. CISL was started from free initiative of the workers and does not depend on, and is not subject to, any political, institutional, economic power. For the CISL, bargaining is the privileged tool for improving the economic and social conditions of workers and pensioners.


Cristiana Ilari



Carolina Perondi


The Chamber of Commerce of Spain

The Chamber of Commerce of Spain is a corporation whose purposes are to represent, promote and defend the general interests of commerce, industry, services and shipping; to study the economic-business environment; and to provide services to all Spanish companies and advisory services to public administrations. The Chamber of Spain coordinates the network of 85 local Chambers of Commerce in Spain and acts as its representative before national and international governing bodies. Thus, it is an example of public-private collaboration, and a privileged forum for analysis, reflection and meeting of businesses.


Krzysztof Gurba


Pedagogical University of Krakow

The Pedagogical University of Krakow is the oldest highly prestigious, professional and modern leader of pedagogical HEIs in Poland. PUK’s mission is exercised by professional and experienced staff who apply current and up to date teaching content. It is also expressed through scientific research, outlining new fields of scientific development, transmitting knowledge, and developing and enriching the personalities of its graduates by educating them according to the highest European standards. To students we offer the latest achievements in the Humanities, Social, Educational, Natural, Technical and Art studies. Our educational provision enables students to apply to several dozen fields of studies in first and second-cycle degree programmes, third-cycle degree studies and post-graduate study courses.

pro work

Foundation Knowledge Centre PRO WORK promotes the career development of people with a (significant) distance to the labor market, skilled workers and others who need coaching, training and counseling in a wide variety of sectors and topics, national and international. The main aims of PRO WORK, are more specifically: 1) To promote career development for those who require VET (Vocational Educational Training), coaching and guidance; 2) To enable vulnerable groups to access the labour market; 3) To develop and implement innovation in the field of vocational education and training.


Tessa Den Bakker